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A cuppa wug

Welcome to A Cuppa Wug, a unique blog about life, language, and, of course, coffee. I started this blog in 2020 right after the COVID-19 pandemic really took hold, and it has added such value to my life. It has become a creative outlet I use to share some of my favorite stories and experiences.




The title speaks to my passion for travel. A cuppa is not a phrase that you would speak in the United States. Instead, it would be heard either in Australia–my first trip abroad–or the United Kingdom–a frequent visit of mine.

Making Coffee


This blog's title also speaks to my passion for coffee. The term cuppa in Australian English, refers to “a cup of tea” or “a cup of coffee”.

Assortment of Books


In addition to cuppa being a linguistic reduction,  the wug is one of my favorite linguistic peculiarities. It’s from a famous experimental test in linguistics by Jean Berko Gleason.

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